Thursday, July 16, 2009

Special Request From A Friend

A good buddy of mine recently commented that I have not done a shoot of the Seiko Black Bullet that he let me have quite awhile back. So I guess this rare diver is my next project. Until then..

It's been almost a month since I last wrote. Alot of things have happened recently and I was kept busy. As soon as my situation elevates, I'll be back. Thanks for being so patient.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Citizen BJ8041-09E Ecozilla

The first time I saw this 48mm titanium watch was the time I bought the Orca. I was thinking how could this monster of a watch sit on my small wrist and would it look like I was wearing a clock? As curiosity got the better of me, I asked the lady to bring it out for me to try on. It did sit very nicely and it wore smaller than it looks. Very nice indeed. But I had only one choice and it went to the Orca and you would understand why when I tell you that I'm a lume junkie right? So off I went with the Orca but I know that this 300m beast will never escape me the next time. This big dive watch has unassuming looks and being made of titanium, it is not taxing to wear the whole day. This model has three variants, a stainless steel model and an automatic one(Autozilla). I have not come across the stainless steel version but I'm guessing it would be heavier. Being a fan of Citizen's Eco-drive technology, I chose this model. To be honest, I had some difficulty photographing the dial as the mineral glass sits deep inside the frame and bezel. But I did it, so here's hoping that the pictures turn out well for you as they had for me.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Citizen NY0040-09W Glofish

With this 200m diver, you will no longer be afraid of the dark. The dial is covered with lumibrite leaving the markers black for contrast. However, I wished that the whole hands instead of the outline is black. It will be more contrasting I feel. Now please allow me to coin a moniker for this watch.. Glofish! Why? Because it glows and it's a diver! :P This 42mm(w/o crown) diver has a left hand screw in crown, maybe made for left handers? Nonetheless, it is a refreshing change from the usual right hand ones that I have. The reason why this watch kept calling out to me to bring it home is very personal. I remember when I was younger that my dad had a Seiko Kinetic which has this lumibrite dial and I was very fascinated everytime when he came home and walked up the dark stairs with the watch glowing brightly. Although he is no longer around, I can still recall this scene very clearly and it kept playing in my head when I was looking at this watch. Hopefully now the glow on my wrist would be as bright as the one in my heart.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Seiko SKX031J Submariner

First of all I would like to thank Mr Koh from Kymwatchblog for entrusting me with this classy yet sporty watch. It's really rare and difficult to find one now as this JDM(Japanese Domestic Model) beauty has been discontinued since mid 1990s. This 40mm(w/o crown) watch is a homage to the Rolex Submariner with a water depth rating of 100m and a bi-directional bezel. It is equipped with the 7S26 movement not unlike the Monster. The SKX031J originally came on a vented rubber strap but I went to purchase an oyster bracelet to complete the 'sub' look. What I like about this watch is it's versatility, it would compliment you perfectly whether you are in shirt and pants or in t-shirt and shorts. Wear it to anywhere and everywhere and you would not feel out of place, it is like what they say... a timeless design.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Orient CEM65002D Blue Mako

I recently purchased this from a local watch shop and got a very good price for it. Also known affectionately as the Blue Mako to watch collectors far and wide, this is the only watch with a blue dial in my collection. When you first pick up the watch, you would immediately feel the weight of this 41mm(w/o crown) piece, it is built like a rock. The japanese made 21 jewels caliber 469 is accurate to +/-3 seconds per day. What captured me most about this watch and finally made up my mind to own one is the dial. I once saw it on one of the shop owner's hand and I couldn't take my eyes of the blue dial. Every angle I look at it, it looks a different shade of blue. I just had to have one! Stunning electric blue, royal blue or deep midnight blue, you could find it if you looked hard enough. I would do the blue dial injustice to photograph it indoors, so I took it to the pool for some shots. Hope you will enjoy the blues..

Monday, June 22, 2009

Seiko SBDA001 Samurai

This black 43mm(w/o crown) watch was a purchase from my recent trip to Japan. Together with it's orange and blue brothers, they have been discontinued from production. Lucky thing I managed to get my hands on one. Look at the close up shots of the titanium Samurai, the level of finishing is superb. Light weight yet robust, the Samurai can go to a depth of 200m which allows you to scuba dive or swim. The heart of the watch is the trusted Seiko 7S25 movement, running alittle quick out of the box but settled down after a few weeks. Coupled with a titanium bracelet, it feels a little foreign when putting it on for the first time. The Samurai is a handsome and sturdy looking watch and with the stealthy titanium exterior, it is definitely a keeper!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Citizen BN0015-07E Orca

The Citizen Eco Drive BN0015-07E aka Orca is what the monster is to Seiko, big bad and ugly. In a nice way of 'coz. This 46mm(w/o crown) killer whale has the baddest lume of all my watches and it's the newest in my collection. Pretty accurate out of the box, it has all the features of a wonderful dive watch. Uni-directional bezel with pop out round edges to protect the domed glass, a light titanium body with sturdy rubber strap, plus a bright orange second hand for timing your dive. Not to mention a 6 month power reserve and a screw in crown. I have been wearing it to bed. Sleeping with the Orca seems the right thing to do, all thanks to it's lume. Pity it is only a 200m diver, so that leaves me a chance to go after it's other half, the Ecozilla. They say a picture speaks a thousand words and I have a few thousand for you.

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